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First impressions are extremely important, especially if you have an important job interview or event to attend. Smiles are a large part of first impressions — even if you have a warm personality, you still may slightly turn people off with imperfect teeth. Unfortunately, a lot of today’s society is based upon physical looks, and you may be at a slight disadvantage if you have some problems with your teeth. Thankfully, the dental office of Aria Irvani, DDS is here to help. Our cosmetic dentist has a variety of dental procedures which can help you get rid of your dental imperfections and launch you higher in the world.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are similar to veneers in that they’re also made of porcelain and also go over your existing teeth. However, while veneers are only attached to the fronts of your teeth, dental crowns are fit over entire teeth. You can consider it a step up from veneers, since it covers entire teeth instead of just the front. Because of this, dental crowns are a considered option when you have a damaged or very unsightly tooth that needs to be covered up.

While veneers are usually fitted across several teeth, dental crowns are usually placed on a small number of problematic teeth, usually individuals that are far away from each other (not located next to one another). Just like with veneers, dental crowns are custom-made to match your other teeth so they can blend in flawlessly. Our dentist, Dr. Irvani, has over 22 years of experience and can expertly create dental crowns that be so closely matching to your other teeth that even you will forget you have dental crowns in place.

With crowns from Aria Irvani, DDS, you’ll not only hide imperfections in your teeth, but you’ll also get to regain comfort and functionality in your mouth. What you had to avoid eating before can now be ordered at your leisure since you don’t have to deal with your heavily damaged teeth anymore.

Our Other Dental Services

In addition to fitting dental crowns, Aria Irvani, DDS has numerous other cosmetic dentistry procedures available for you. Our main goal is to use our skills and expertise to give you 100% satisfaction in your smile. Other services we provide at our dental office include:

If you’re interested in any of the above dental procedures, feel free to call our dental office at (949) 458-5858 and we can schedule you a complimentary consultation. The dental office of Aria Irvani, DDS, produces real results that you can see and enjoy for years to come. Take a step towards improving your smile and functionality of your teeth — give our experienced dental office a call now.

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