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Laser dentistry is a field of dentistry that has grown in popularity in recent years. Some estimates put the use of lasers in dentist offices as high as six percent, and that amount continues to rise as doctors and patients alike are coming to appreciate the helpful results of laser dentistry. Read about how the following dental services can be enhanced with the use of oral lasers.

  • Joint treatment. TMJ is a painful sickness affecting more than three million individuals in the US every year. Oral lasers can relieve the painful side effects of TMJ.
  • Nerve regeneration. Similar to how laser dentistry can be applied to diminish tooth sensitivity, it can also be utilized to regenerate impaired nerve endings. The same method can also be utilized to regenerate blood vessels and scars inside your oral cavity.
  • Observance and inspection of the oral cavity. In many cases, to find a cavity, you’d have to take several x-rays and wait to view the outcomes. With the power of oral laser technology, we can check the inside of your chompers instantly.
  • Reducing tooth sensitivity. Your teeth are sensitive because of little nerve endings referred to as tubules, which are positioned below your teeth. With the help of dental lasers, we can decrease the hot-and-cold sensitivity of your teeth by closing off the tubules.

There are many further illustrations of how laser dentistry can be utilized in oral offices, and we’d love to show you a few firsthand! Please call 949-458-5858 now to schedule your next visit with Dr. Aria Irvani at Aria Irvani DDS in Foothill Ranch, California.