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While you may have heard of laser dentistry, there may be some uses of a dental laser that you haven’t considered. Laser dentistry is very versatile–in fact, we would like to present four important functions that a dental laser performs to improve your smile:

  1. Dental lasers can treat cold sores. Cold sores can cause significant discomfort, especially for patients who seem to develop them quite frequently. Dental lasers can serve to reduce the discomfort of a cold sore and speed up the healing period so that you don’t have to suffer while a cold sore runs its course.
  2. Dental lasers can remove benign tumors. The soft tissues of your mouth are vulnerable to the development of tumors, but if a tumor is benign, it may be able to be treated with laser dentistry.
  3. Dental lasers can recontour your smile. If you feel that your gum tissue is too abundant and conceals too much of your smile, resulting in a “gummy smile,” an oral lasers can reshape the contour of your gums for a more aesthetic appearance.
  4. Dental lasers can whiten your teeth. Tooth stains that are too deep to be reduced with a whitening treatment may need dental lasers to aid in the whitening process.

To learn more about how laser dentistry works or to experience its benefits, please feel free to call 949-458-5858 today and work with our team to schedule a visit with our dentist. Dr. Aria Irvani can examine your smile and help you determine if laser dentistry in Foothill Ranch, California, is right for you.