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We encourage you to take steps to prevent the development of cavities before they impede the health of your teeth. By being informed of the relationship between oral health and cavities, you can optimize the health of your smile.

Cavities develop when oral bacteria mingles with sugar from food and creates an acid that combines with food particles and saliva to form a sticky plaque that penetrates the tooth enamel, creating tiny openings into your dentin layer. If plaque reaches the tooth pulp inside the dentin layer, it can result in infection and weakened bone structure, potentially requiring root canal treatment.

Daily oral care can keep plaque at bay, but scheduling regular dental cleanings and exams is the key to detecting any early stages of cavities or full symptoms, such as:

  • Dark spots in the tooth enamel
  • Sensitivity when breathing cold air or eating sweet food
  • Pain when biting and chewing food
  • Losing a dental filling
  • Throbbing or sharp dental pain
  • Chippings or fracturing in a tooth

These aforementioned conditions hint at the presence of a cavity and may require Dr. Aria Irvani to eliminate the decay before covering the area with an amalgam or composite resin dental filling to improve the tooth’s function.

To learn more about your options for cavity treatment in Foothill Ranch, California, contact Aria Irvani DDS at 949-458-5858 and arrange your appointment with our dentist at Aria Irvani DDS.