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A severe blow to the face or some other form of accidental trauma can sometimes carry enough force to sever the periodontal ligaments that anchor one of your teeth in your gums. In many of these extreme cases some of the tooth’s root still remains in the socket, or the tooth shatters deep in the gumline.

In a situation like this, the tooth might be saved by an emergency root canal at Dr. Aria Irvani‘s dental office. Sometimes the tooth is too ravaged to be saved, and Dr. Aria Irvani‘s only option is to perform a complete extraction of remaining dental material.

However, if the tooth was knocked out cleanly and the underlying socket hasn’t been traumatized, Dr. Aria Irvani might be able to install it back into the periodontal tissues. For this to be a viable treatment option the tooth must be kept alive.

You can do this by holding it between your cheek and gums or by quickly soaking it in a tooth preservation solution.

The special solution holds suspended minerals that can keep the tooth and any connected tissues alive long enough for you to make it to your emergency dental appointment with our dentist.

If you are in the Foothill Ranch, California, area and you have just suffered a significant dental trauma, you should call 949-458-5858 to seek emergency dental care at Aria Irvani DDS’s dental office.