A Tooth Preservation Solution Can Help Preserve a Knocked Out Tooth

A severe blow to the face or some other form of accidental trauma can sometimes carry enough force to sever the periodontal ligaments that anchor one of your teeth in your gums. In many of these extreme cases some of the tooth's root still remains in the socket, or the... Read more »

Cold and Flu Season Tips to Keep Your Smile in Check

  Our Aria Irvani DDS team in Foothill Ranch, California, would like to share some ways you can keep your smile in check during cold and flu season. You see, these illnesses tend to make you feel bad all over, but they are especially stressful for your oral health. A... Read more »

Facts About Tongue Cleaners

When you are using your toothbrush, you clean your teeth and gums — but are you also cleaning off your tongue? While there are several options for cleaning your tongue, one good option is to use a tongue cleaner. Tongue cleaners come in a few varieties: Tongue scrapers - Tongue... Read more »

LASER DENTISTRY: Joint Treatment, Nerve Regeneration, & More

  Laser dentistry is a field of dentistry that has grown in popularity in recent years. Some estimates put the use of lasers in dentist offices as high as six percent, and that amount continues to rise as doctors and patients alike are coming to appreciate the helpful results of... Read more »

A Missing Dental Filling Can Be Treated in Different Ways

Dental fillings can be made from different substances depending on the size and location of a cavity, area of dental attrition, or dental fracture. Most are created from either dental grade porcelain, a gold alloy, amalgam, or composite resin. They are cemented or bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel with... Read more »

If You Take Care of Your Toothbrush, You Take Care of Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is a fundamental part of taking care of your mouth. But it’s easy to let the habit become mindless, leaving us with ineffective practices and, eventually, damage to our teeth. Here are a few points to brush up on. Remember that toothbrushes need to be replaced every... Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity Symptoms Might Be Linked to Compromised Tooth Enamel

Your tooth enamel has microscopic pores all along the surface. If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits or you frequently consume acidic beverages the environment in your mouth could cause these tiny textured areas to expand. As this happens it could leave the sensitive inner dentin layer exposed... Read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Dental Crowns

Crowns bear the weight of fortification. If your tooth enamel has failed or a tooth has become injured, usually a dental crown is needed to provide the future protection the tooth will need in order to flourish. Even teeth that may have collapsed or worn away over time due to... Read more »

Understanding Your Dental Anxiety

If you fear to visit the dentist, you could be living with dental anxiety. Here at our dental office in Foothill Ranch, California, Dr. Aria Irvani understands many people have anxiety, which is why he wants to give you this information on dental anxiety, and do everything in his power... Read more »

Dental Work Needs to Be Cleaned and Maintained Every Day

Dental bridges, dental crowns, and other forms of dental work are typically created from durable materials that cannot be affected by bacterial tooth decay. At the same time cleaning and maintaining your dental work will contribute to its longevity and maintain the overall health of your gums. If you find... Read more »