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Have you thought to add mouthwash to your oral health routine? If not, you should consider the benefits. Having mouthwash as part of your oral health routine is essential to keeping your smile in tip-top shape and healthy.

Mouthwash can reach areas that your toothbrush or dental floss cannot touch. Your toothbrush and dental floss can help clean your teeth, and your mouthwash can rinse your gums, tongue, and entire mouth to clear bacteria away. By reaching areas your toothbrush can’t reach, your mouthwash is working hard to reduce any cavities and gum disease.

Did you know, mouthwash can help prevent and fight off any tooth decay lingering in your smile? Well, it’s true! Mouthwash can also reduce the chances and symptoms of gingivitis, reduce plaque and the production of tartar, and help fight off gum disease which can give you bad breath and damage your gums. By choosing a therapeutic mouthwash, the active ingredients in it will help your smile every time you use it.

If you have questions about your oral health, call Dr. Aria Irvani with Aria Irvani DDS in Foothill Ranch, California, today at 949-458-5858 to set up an appointment. Our dental team is happy to help your oral health and give you a routine dental exam.