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For your convenience and health, your consultation can first start with a virtual visit.

Call now to get started
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Teledentistry is a convenient way to consult with a dentist without heading into the office

Over 2.2 million emergency visits are made to urgent care centers and hospitals annually for dental related emergencies. It is not recommended a dental emergency patient visit a hospital or urgent care center for any dental related issues. Hospitals are not only short of supplies but also can be places where cross-contamination become rampant. Emergency patients may be seen by teledental visits with our dentist and dental staff who can evaluate a patient’s emergency and provide prescriptions, recommendations, and even same-day appointments if necessary.

Reasons to consider Teledentistry

  • ”Doc, this tooth is killing me. Help!”
  • In the midst of COVID-19, patients might feel better with an initial consultation via teledentistry
  • Save on Costs
  • Greater Accessibility
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Mobile Health
  • E-Prescribing