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Our Mission

At the dental practice of Aria Irvani DDS, our mission is to create and maintain an atmosphere that encourages dental and overall health, emanates integrity, and promotes a feeling of confidence and elegance—we just happen to specialize in caring for your teeth at the same time.

Whether you require routine dental care or are looking for a complete smile makeover, our team at the dental practice of Aria Irvani DDS can help! We are pleased to offer some of the finest dental care in Foothill Ranch, California, with one of the nation’s top dentists! Plus, we focus on giving our patients honest and personal care, which can make all the difference in your dental experience. We welcome you to learn more about our practice by reviewing our mission and values below. If you have any questions, and to schedule your appointment with our dentist, we welcome you to contact us today!

Portrait of an attractive young woman

Our Values

Our practice takes pride in providing an environment that provides all patients with the highest possible care. Dr. Aria Irvani and our team are pleased to live by seven high and unwavering standards:

  • We focus on the big picture.
  • A confident smile can change everything.
  • It is worthwhile to invest in high-quality technology, care, and materials.
  • We smile when you have beautiful, healthy teeth.
  • Education provides the necessary foundation for both our team and our patients.
  • Taking a simple, conservative approach provides a less invasive diagnosis and treatment.
  • Insurance companies do not regulate the quality of our care; they provide financial aid to cover payment costs.

Our Team

Our team at the dental practice of Aria Irvani DDS is dedicated to giving you and your family the dental and patient care you deserve. Our passion for providing high-quality dentistry is evident in our fun and friendly office, and in our commitment to staying up-to-date with our dental education and technology. We work hard to give you a positive experience with every visit. Come visit us today!

Samantha Perez

Treatment Coordinator

Calvin Dao Harris

Dental Biller

Neda Kashafi

Registered Dental Hygienist

Marjan Javadian

Dental Assistant

If You Are Dissatisfied with Your Smile, We Have Solutions for You!