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Dr. Aria Irvani, DDS – Foothill Ranch

Porcelain crowns are designed to match the perfect size and shape of the tooth so that your smile looks perfect.

Porcelain crowns are crowns that are fixed dental prostheses which are used to cover a tooth that has:

  • Fractured or chipped
  • Been restored by Root Canal Treatment
  • Has been affected by wear (erosion, attrition or abrasion)
  • Discolored by external or internal factors
  • Has already been replaced by a dental implant
  • Is irregular in shape or size
  • Has little or no tooth structure and is supported by a large composite filling

Porcelain crowns offer aesthetics improvements for those who interested in improving their smiles. Porcelain crowns match the exact color and shade of your natural teeth.
Your crowns will protect fractured teeth or teeth that have undergone restorations (such as root canal treatments or large filling placement) from further decay or fracture.
Porcelain crowns, when placed on dental implants to replace missing teeth, resemble natural teeth allowing patients to smile with 100% confidence.

Porcelain crown placement requires at least 1-2 dental visits. During the first visit, tooth preparation is completed. This involves slightly trimming the existing tooth to ensure proper seating of the crown once it has been fabricated. Once the tooth is prepared, Dr, Irvani takes an impression of the newly prepared tooth and sends it to the laboratory. The ideal shade is determined based on the color of the natural teeth and the patient’s preference.

In the follow-up appointment, a newly fabricated crown is cemented in place.

Dr. Aria Irvani in Foothill Ranch, CA has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and happily offers free consultations.