Thermal braces are an advanced type of braces that can straighten your teeth with thermal wires. Instead of using traditional wiring across your dental arches, Dr. Aria Irvani can use thermal wires that bend into shape when heated. This treatment option can speed up your treatment and give you a more comfortable experience. If you are interested in straightening your teeth with thermal archwire braces in Foothill Ranch, California, we welcome you to contact us at 949-458-5858 and schedule your appointment with our caring dentist.

Braces are a common and efficient orthodontic treatment that can improve the appearance of your smile. In many cases, braces are used to straighten teeth and adjust bite alignment over time. Braces use a system of brackets, wires, and bands to correct your teeth and smile. With thermal braces, the wires used to move your teeth are activated with heat.

When thermal braces are first applied, the thermal wires are activated. They are then bent into shape around misaligned or crooked teeth, and secured with the brackets to begin the treatment. Throughout your treatment, the thermal wires are activated with natural body heat. This can reduce the amount of adjustments you need for your braces and speed up your overall treatment time. Thermal braces can also reduce discomfort throughout your treatment by adjusting your teeth in a more continuous and gentle way, instead of drastic, periodic adjustments.

During your treatment, you will visit our office regularly so our dentist can verify that your treatment is on track. Our dentist may also provide adjustments in addition to the consistent adjustments that thermal wires provide. Additional adjustments are based on your progress and dental needs. For more details about how thermal braces work, we welcome you to call or visit our practice today. We are always happy to help!