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Are you looking to get a better smile? Whether it’s a chip, stain, or decay in one of your front teeth, our team here at Aria Irvani DDS want to give you your best smile with the simple procedure of a veneer.

Veneers are made from materials such as composite resin or porcelain to form a customized tooth shell matching your color and shape needed for your new tooth. The procedure includes taking away part of the enamel (which is permanent) and attaching the personalized veneer to your tooth.

This is done after the tooth is cleaned, then the veneer is cleaned and dried. An adhesive is placed where the cement and veneer will be placed, and a special light cures for about a minute to finalize the attachment. Your dentist will then remove any excess and polish the veneer.

These tend to last well over a decade of speaking, eating, and drinking. Your dentist may suggest not drinking stainable liquids such as wine or coffee to preserve the color of your veneer. If your veneer is chipped or fractured, your dentist can fix it to its original state.

Call Aria Irvani DDS at 949-458-5858 to get a consultation or schedule an appointment to get a veneer. A dental veneer will make your smile shine and give you the smile you want, so come visit us here in Foothill Ranch, California!