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If an injured or decayed tooth has resulted in the tooth pulp in the center of the tooth becomes infected, the end result could be the death of the tooth if it doesn’t receive treatment. In this case, root canal therapy may be the best possible course of action. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have about root canal therapy, and we have provided answers to a few already.

Q: Is root canal therapy painful?

A: The purpose of root canal therapy is to reduce the pain of dental infection. With advancements in modern dental tools and anesthesia, the process feels much like receiving a dental filling.

Q: How do I know if a tooth is infected?

A: Signs of a tooth infection include swelling in the gums, face, and neck; a toothache; tooth sensitivity; and a visible hole in the tooth.

Q: Why do I need root canal therapy?

A: If the tooth pulp becomes inflamed or infected or develops deep decay, root canal therapy may be the only treatment that can save the tooth from extraction. Other reasons to receive this treatment include fracture or repeated dental work in the tooth.

Aria Irvani DDS can offer quality root canal therapy in Foothill Ranch, California, for patients whose teeth may otherwise need to be extracted. Contact our dentist, Dr. Aria Irvani, and team at 949-458-5858 today to schedule your visit with us!